Terms and Conditions

Guidelines to working together

Definition of terms:

Client – Individual businesses (may also be clients of an agency)
Agency – A business which is engaging Expressed By Camille services to help with their clients’ regular content

  • The Client/Agency is the owner of any content written and/or created by Expressed By Camille.
  • All your logins and information is treated as confidential and is not shared with any third-party.
  • Minimum three (3) months for full engagement and on-going agency packages.
  • Payment is non-refundable regardless if the project has started or not. Work will commence after payment has been received.
  • Invoices occur monthly and are upfront before content is written.
  • Once the items mentioned have been completed, any additional writing fees (if incurred) will be invoiced additionally.
  • Direct debit/invoice will be sent one (1) week before due date of each invoice. Alternative payment options may be arranged upon request. Additional fees may apply.
  • Blog posts are set at approx. ~700-1200 words each
  • Each blog post will include one (1) royalty-free and copyright free/free to use/share image. However, the client is encouraged to provide each week at least one (1) photo relevant and/or current to their business that either the client has taken themselves, or a stock photo which may suit the post better. Agency may also provide details to their stock photo account to be used for each blog. Alternatively, Expressed By Camille can provide stock photos charged at an additional fee.
  • A minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice is required for additional post requests and are subject to availability. Additional fees will apply.
  • Packages include two (2) free revisions per post.
  • Depending on the nature of different blog post types, a few require some collaboration. Some posts may require clients’/agencies’ unique wisdom or opinions in a niche topic – it makes your posts more authentic and valuable. Clients/Agencies are encouraged to send any press releases, latest news updates, upcoming event details or any general information and relevant articles they have as a basis for me to have a further knowledge and understand of their business. Alternatively and/or in addition to this, Expressed By Camille will also come up with relevant blog ideas and trending content, and provide supporting research for various topics that can be blogged about. As a ghost blogger Expressed By Camille will make sure that the blogs offer a good a mix of news, research, promotions and any other integral information to make the SEO blogs engaging for both loyal customers and new website visitors.
  • In reminder, social media scope involves sharing your blog post on your page and joining groups of relevant interest and sharing your post there every week. It does not include Facebook Ad campaigns, conversions etc. Expressed By Camille’s role is as a content writer and keeping the page busy with content, not as the manager of your social media.
  • The Client/Agency is in agreement and understanding that Expressed By Camille will deliver the project to give it the best possible chance for success on the internet. Expressed By Camille offers no guarantees that your project will receive traffic from search engines, social networks or other services, or that it will achieve the results the content is intended for. For more information on what to expect read my faq here.
  • Factual, spelling or grammatical errors – Expressed By Camille’s aim is to supply you with a quality writing that is free of any errors. However, the responsibility of the final proof-reading lies with the Client/Agency, and the Client/Agency agrees to indemnify Expressed By Camille against any loss or damage caused by inaccuracies that are published.
  • Communication policy – Expressed By Camille aims to reply to via email as soon as possible. Excessive communication or requests from the Client/Agency may result in an additional hourly fee.
  • If, from the first client meeting there is any doubt or unsettling feeling, the Client/Agency or Expressed By Camille may terminate the initial request without notice.
  • Prices are quoted in Australian dollars. Prices do not include GST.