As a professional blog copywriter aka ghost blogger based here in Queensland, Australia,  I’ve come across some people who get confused with all the digital marketing lingo, so I thought I might attack the most commonly confusing terms to start with. So here we go, posts vs blog.

blog is the page that has all your posts. I won’t fully go into what a blog actually is. But in short, it’s your business’ online diary. It’s the place that all the weird and wonderful things pertaining to your business can go. It’s your ‘hello!’ place in the digital world.

Posts are pieces of content on your blog, but they are still considered blogging. Have a look at one of my FAQ here to get examples of posts you can put on your blog. So that’s why when people might ask ‘do you blog?’ they really mean ‘do you regularly post?’. A post is a blog but a blog is not a post – and if it so far is, you certainly need to add more posts!