It depends on a number of factors for how long it takes to complete a blog, including:

  • Per the blog request, what is involved if I am writing from scratch, rewriting something you already have on your site, further editing, proofreading, SEO and if you’d like me to help publish your blogs to your site and design the layout of how it will appear on your website
  • How complex and/or general the topic is
  • Your audience – who are they and where are they located? Where are their “hubs” for conversation online and the strategy we come up with together of getting your message across to them
  • How much research and reading is needed, for both content and SEO optimisation; and
  • The level of input you’ll be able to give e.g keywords, ideas, outlines etc.

I am a dedicated ghost blog writer and I want all work that I produce to be at its best. Because of this I try to take on a maximum of 6-8 clients at any given time so that I can truly focus my efforts on each client throughout the week and provide a more personalised customer service.