What is it that makes you jump out of bed in the morning?

I’m not talking about your loved ones and what not (because of course they get you out of bed, especially if your 3 year old has anything to say about it…)

I’m talking about the thing that makes your excited, a passion for something you love doing, the thrill of the challenge that only you can pull off…what is it?

Is it closing a business deal that everyone said couldn’t be done?

Is it that thrill you get when a client gets back to you with feedback that your service helped whipped them into shape?

Whatever it is, I want you to channel it into your blog. Whether you’re writing it or I am, the special ingredient to a wonderful blog is passion. I want you readers to feel the passion jump off their screens as they read your blogs.

That being said, there are certainly differing ideas of how working with me can help, so in this blog, I wanted to talk about blogging expectations.

What you shouldn’t come into our blogging relationship thinking…

  • Blogging will save my business – Blogging is a form of marketing, and like marketing in general, it is something that is going to need to build up over time. Don’t expect after a couple of weeks/months that you will dominate search engine results for particular terms and that you’ll get a heap of calls straight off the bat.

  • Instant ROI – Blogging works towards the long term goal for building up content that surrounds your business to position yourself as a thought leader and authority in your field. It’s measured over time and part of the long term strategy to building your brand.

  • I’m an SEO expert – There are job roles specialised in just search engine optimisation, I am not one of them. However, blogs do complement SEO goals. If you have an SEO specialist, I can work with them to optimise our blog content so that it targets specific keywords/phrases that your SEO is targeting – think of me as an SEO-copywriter.

  • A thousand likes – like with my points before, this is the long term game – the way to build a genuine following. I’m part social media writer and having the blog gives you content that you can share on social media to bring readers back to your website and hopefully convert into a customer. But don’t expect a thousand likes straight away, like blogging, social media building takes time, but once followers know you are consistent with your efforts then more followers will come. There are certainly many blogs that talk about why it’s better to have a small number of genuine likes then to have thousands of fake ones, like this article and this one. My role as a ghost blogger is to provide you with the content to share on social media.

So, what can you expect from our blogging relationship?

  • A faithful employee when you engage me as your ghost blogger – You’re the boss! You won’t have to spend hours researching, writing, sourcing, publishing and sharing your blog. Leave that to me so you can focus on your core business.

  • A conversational platform – think of your blog as your up-to-date portal for all things concerning your business and your customer’s concerns. Whether it be a “how to” post or a timely article about next month’s charity drive, your blog is like a magazine subscription to your business, showcasing all it has and the passion behind it.

  • Re-usable content – Content as they say as king! Your blog content can be recycled into your monthly newsletter; it can be used to share on your social media; it can be used as a basis for future blogs even.

  • Organic Traffic – I can’t promise how fast traffic will come, but I can promise that it will. Every business is different, with different factors such as whether you already have a following or if it’s being built up from scratch. But one thing is for sure, after a few weeks of gaining momentum (and consistently alerting search engines you’re posting fresh, relevant content) the very keywords that we push each week in a blog will start showing up in your search results which is why I require at least a minimum of 3 months to get your blog going. If pushed properly, you are positioning yourself to your followers as the leader in your industry, with a friendly and approachable blog that people will want to read because of its value as a blog itself.

  • Introspection – I want to go a step further and re-ignite the passion for your business in you. To remember what it was like to look at your business with fresh eyes and see your clients differently too. Talking about your business and writing about it makes you ask some of the questions you haven’t thought about in a long time. I aim to stimulate your creative thinking.

  • A business partner and blogging guide – Being a ghost blogger I want to know the ins and outs of your business, it’s not just about writing an article a week. I am invested to truly know what it is your audience needs and wants to know. You can expect someone who will always be there asking questions about where your business is at and where it is you want to go. You’re not alone, I’ll be with you every step of the way, taking time to talk things through with you and point out trends I can see too in your industry.


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