2018 Update

24 Jan 2018

Due to a few personal health and family issues I’ll be relocating to the Philippines until later this year (sometime around August-September). A lot of my original plans have now been pushed to a later date but I won’t let it hinder my original goals – they’re still going to get done only a little differently. I have a book on the way to be published this July and I continue to write for my current clients. As my job is online, working remotely hasn’t been any problem. Thanks everyone for your kind messages of support and cheers to an exciting year ahead! We never know when life throws a few curve balls at us but I am learning to catch them and ride the curves. I see this an opportunity to not only be closer to family during this time but also the Philippines is like a hub to other major cities in Asia – where I intend to join a few events here and there, and soak up as much content as I can.

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