The Power of Blogging

18 Mar 2018

Want to listen to the audio version of this blog post, 'The Power of Blogging'? I figured something out yesterday. It sounded too simple to be such a powerful idea. After watching Adam Leipzig speak on YouTube through his TED talk (you can watch the vid...

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2018 Update

24 Jan 2018

Due to a few personal health and family issues I'll be relocating to the Philippines until later this year (sometime around August-September). A lot of my original plans have now been pushed to a later date but I won't let it hinder my original goals - they're still going to get done only a little differently. I have a book on the way to be published this July and I continue to write for my current clients. As my job is online, working remotely hasn't been any problem. Thanks everyone for your k...

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What’s it like writing for someone else?

07 Dec 2017

There are hundreds of blogs out there - from roof companies to refrigerated vehicles. There are numerous case studies as to why blogs on a company website are so beneficial. But what do you write about? After writing for several weeks on a topic, some marketers and copywriters might run out steam, sometimes it takes an outsider to take a fresh take ...

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How to write a personal blog (on your business website)

05 Dec 2017

I used to host a meetup group called “Brisbane Business Bloggers Brunch” wherein business owners and managers who want to blog can join me once a month to get advice for writing their own blogs and stay motivated to keep blogging. My first meetup was a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to my resurrecting the group early next year. In ...

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Blog tweaks to make an impact

07 Sep 2017

When you first look at a blog, what is that grabs you (other than the topic and writing)? In this post, I wanted to share some tweaks you can make to your blog right now to really make an impact and stand out. Where’s your Call to action? (CTA) CTAs are one of the most commonly forgotten blog components. And something, I myself, am guilty of. My CTAs are currently in the mak...

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Simple kickstart guide to writing blogs with SEO in mind

09 May 2017

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is always a hot topic when it comes to any site - how can you optimise your site so that your site attracts search engines consistently and organically ranks your site at the top? SEO in itself is a broad topic in itself with people just dedicated to this and specialising in it. Who am I? Well, I’m not an SEO specialist but ...

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How to find your unique blogging voice

03 May 2017

Identity - it’s hard to find your own voice in the “real world” but what about when you blog? The Blogosphere is a colourful place filled with heaps of DIY projects, tips, stories and an endless supply of creativity - it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the many other “voices” out there, how can you find a blogging voice that stands out? In this post, I share some tips on how to find your unique blogging voice.   ...

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Feel the fear…and do it anyway

28 Apr 2017

I was on the phone with my sister this morning and like many close families do, we talked about what was going on in each other's lives. A topic that came up inspired today's blog. My sister was weighing in a somewhat overwhelming decision and had a bit of apprehension to making the "right" decision. I told her to feel the fear...and do it anyway. A healthy dose of fear is good, it keeps us sharp, but remember much of the time fear stops us from doing what we...

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How to keep inspired when writing your own business blog

27 Apr 2017

Chances are you’re reading this post because you’re stuck, you feel void of ideas and want to be consistently inspired. You might have been writing your business for a few weeks or even months and now it seems the idea funnel has dried up. In this post, I share a few ideas on how to keep inspired when writing your own business blog. Before we begin, let me ask you, why did you start your business? ...

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Places you can share your blog

26 Apr 2017

So you've written a blog post (a fantastic one at that), you've shared it on your Facebook business page and perhaps on your Twitter and LinkedIn too, but can you share it anywhere else? In this quick post, I share with you other places you can share your blog. Facebook Groups - join relevant groups to your business E.g if your business specialises in fitness for mums, join groups for mums and health. Remember, some groups only let members share their blog on cert...

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