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Hi! I'm Camille,

I love great writing! It is a way to transform a story into a book that becomes "unputdownable"; the best pathway to transform a blog into a go-to authority; and provides the means to transform readers into loyal customers. But writing blogs and articles can take a bit of time to write, and to think about what to write. It can also be a challenge to keep things to the point, whilst still being informative, funny, engaging and persuasive.

That's where I come in. Hiring me as your ghost blog writer or copywriter, we can create valuable content that’s doesn’t end up sounding stiff and regurgitated as so much online content does these days.

My Skills

Creative Writing and Story Telling

Positive Attitude and Tree Hugger

SEO, Keyword & content Research


Riding a Bike

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I am a professional, native English speaking writer who writes 100% custom and creative content that is SEO-friendly for a range of general topics and can also research for more complex topics.

Ghost Blog Writing

Blogs and article written just for you that will remain true to your brand’s voice and mission.

Web Copywriting

Professional copy and marketing materials for your business.

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I can assist in creating online content so that you can focus on your core business

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Welcome to the blogoshpere

“I absolutely love that dress! Just a sec, I’ll tag you on ” “Where’d you find it? It looks a bit complicated to wear” “suggested it for my fashion board, and if you click on the image it goes to a blog about how to wear the...

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What is the Google Hummingbird Update? And how ghost blogging can help you

What is the Google Hummingbird Update? And how ghost blogging can help you

They said change was coming, and now it’s here, the launch of Google’s Hummingbird has gotten everyone hovering onto what this means for SEO today. Google officially launched the latest algorithm called ‘Hummingbird’ on September 24, 2013....

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The Power of Blogging

The Power of Blogging

Want to listen to the audio version of this blog post? I figured something out yesterday. It sounded too simple to be such a powerful idea. After watching Adam Leipzig speak on YouTube through his TED talk (you can watch the video here) I knew...

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Blog Post Types – what can we blog about?

Blogging is so fun! But it can be a little overwhelming or sometimes even underwhelming at times.   As a professional blog copywriter aka ghost blogger based here in Queensland, Australia, I’ve been through it all.   Starting out with my...

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Who do you ghost blog for?

I’m primarily a ghost blogger, so I don’t broadcast who am I writing for and most of my current clients wouldn’t wish me to do that either. Which of course is fine since those who hire me own the content and are credited to the...

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Why should I hire you?

You know your business better than anyone else and you might know exactly what you want to say. But what might take you a few hours to write and express this will take an Australian professional blogger like myself (with only a few minutes of your...

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